«Peace, true peace is a stable and constant inner state. Once you have really achieved it, you cannot no longer lose it. It follows you everywhere. You may say that life is but a series of ups and downs: successes and failures, abundance and poverty, health and illness, joy and sadness, and so on – it is impossible to always feel at peace. Yes, once you have learned to re-establish, day in and day out, the bond between your consciousness and the spiritual centres located in your brain and your solar plexus, nothing will ever really trouble you. You could fall sick, suddenly lose your entire fortune, be imprisoned, persecuted, see your loved ones disappear, if you are solidly tethered to a fixed point within you, this peace will never leave you. 

I am not saying you will not suffer anymore. But suffering does not mean losing one’s peace. Insofar as your consciousness does not stagnate at the level of events, for each difficulty or hardship, you find an explanation or a truth that soothes and comforts you. Because you have managed to project yourself up to a very high summit, you understand that your difficulties and your suffering are fleeting, that you, yourself are immortal, and that there is a region within you where evil can no longer reach you.»


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